Just “Write” For Me

The Seven Holiday Series

Rachel Gardner has just moved to the tiny town named Brook Haven to open her own bookstore. An aspiring writer herself, she enjoys getting lost in the written pages of authors’ minds. She dreams in fantasy and paranormal, straps on her petticoats in historicals, falls in love in romance, and solves murders in mystery. Books are her world, and now they are her business. Now, if she can only get the business off the ground, that would be great. Her friend Nicole has several ideas to get the business rolling. One of them is to see if a big-name author would come do a reading or a signing—something Rachel doesn’t know if she can pull off.

Christopher Hayes wasn’t prepared for his fantasy series to explode. Now the first-time author is facing screaming fans, publisher deadlines, and an agent who has mapped out the next ten years of his writing life—with little consideration to what Christopher wants. After a heated argument while on his book tour, Christopher escapes to a tiny town, where he finds himself emersed in a bookstore where the owner doesn’t know who he is.

Will Rachel discover him for the author he is? And if so, will his fame help Rachel get her budding business to spread its wings and fly?


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