Wild About You

The Seven Holiday Series

War is brewing in the town of Brook Haven, and flower shop owner Nicole Jones is in the middle of it.

When the owner of the warehouse who supplies flowers for her store raises prices, Nicole doesn’t hesitate to confront the tyrant. Too bad his ego is as high as his prices and he doesn’t care who he has to take down to get his money. To not only save her business, but to stand up for her customers, she becomes a crusader for flower shop owners all over Maine. She is determined to not only keep her business doors open, but also to shut down the greedy Derek Moore.

If there is one thing Derek Moore knows, it’s the flower business. His family’s warehouse has been supplying flowers to half of Maine for more years than he can count. Unfortunately, business has changed. Prices are high and after a few poor financial decisions leaves his accountant seeing red instead of black, he needs to make a choice. And one no one likes to make. All his vendors seemed to understand, except for one owned by a woman in a tiny town called Brook Haven. She’s waged war on him and now he’s losing business left and right, leaving him no other choice but to fight back.

Who will win in the battle of flower prices? And what will both of them do when they fall for each other?


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