Her Wagon Train Husband

Abby Johnson is on the run from an arranged marriage she never wanted. In an effort to escape her fate, she embarks on a journey to Oregon on a wagon train.

William Campbell is being pursued by the Pinkertons for a crime he did not commit. He knows his brother is the real culprit, but with the Pinkertons closing in, he must quickly find a way out. His solution is to join the next wagon train headed west and far away from Missouri.

When Abby discovers she cannot join the wagon train without a husband, she hatches a plan with William to pretend to be married until they reach Oregon. Despite their vastly different personalities, the two must work together to ensure their safe arrival. But what happens when the Pinkertons finally catch up with William and arrest him? Can he prove his innocence and clear his name?

The journey to Oregon is full of challenges and compromises, but one thing is for certain: nothing will be the same for Abby and William after they reach their destination.


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