Sleigh Bells Inn: Christmas at the Inn #17

Amaryllis North, Rill to her friends, just landed her dream job as assistant to the president of an up-and-coming fashion design company. She’s still on employment probation when her aunt calls and asks her to take a leave of absence and come home to run the family inn for two months. She can’t risk her job, but neither can she risk losing her heritage by not going.

Owen Rose, former soldier turned maintenance man, loves Snowy Hollow and the Sleigh Bells Inn. The town and the inn are his life and he can’t imagine living anywhere else. Life would be perfect if he had someone to love. He’s had a thing for his employer’s niece since they were kids, and she’s headed home. With luck, he’ll be able to win her heart.

Back in Snowy Hollow, Rill frets over her uncertain future and tries to protect her heart from falling for former bad boy Owen. She wants to stay strong and resist him and the lure of her roots, but Snowy Hollow, Sleigh Bells Inn, and Owen Rose might just be more than her heart can resist.
Will Amaryllis cut and run back to the city, or will Owen get his Christmas miracle and an unstoppable love?


Evergreen Inn: Christmas at the Inn #15

When Michelle Rivers learns about an inn for sale in Colorado, she books a room and heads west, hopeful that the property will be as perfect for her as it sounds. With Christmas just around the corner, she can’t help but bask in the thoughts of a holiday-filled winter wonderland at her “soon-to-be-new” inn. What she didn’t plan on was another guest who checked in with the intention of buying the place too.

Briggs Bevan has always dreamed of owning his own inn. When his realtor calls him about a place in Colorado that is exactly what he’s been looking for, he hands his restaurant to his sister and books a room. When Briggs finds out another guest is there to buy the inn, he’s quick to approach the owners with an offer he hopes they can’t refuse.

What happens when these two butt heads on everything, and who will end up signing the escrow papers?


Snowflake Inn: Christmas at the Inn #14

When a merry matchmaker brings two lonely people together, will a Christmas love follow?

Gina Snow’s life imploded after her fiancé dumped her and stole her dream job as a pastry chef at a famous hotel. Now she’s come back to temporarily run her uncle Dan’s Snowflake Inn after he had a series of mini strokes. She’ll keep the inn going while he finishes rehab. Then maybe she’ll try to get a life. One thing she knows is romance is not in the cards for her. She vows never to mix love and business again.

Jessie Barnes, a wounded ex-warrior recently dismissed from the same rehab facility, is hungry to complete one more mission. He’s come to the inn, taking Dan up on his request that he manage the inn so Gina is not burdened and can follow her dreams.

Can Gina and Jessie work together? Will they find the piece of their heart that each is missing when they come together? To find out, take a trip with me to the Snowflake Inn.


Gingerbread Inn: Christmas at the Inn #13

Do you believe in second chances?

Neither did Nikki Reed nor Seth Jermaine until they found each other wrapped in the magic of Christmas at the Gingerbread Inn.

Seth Jermaine’s life is turned upside down when a long-lost love checks him into the Gingerbread Inn where they first met thirty years ago. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, for Seth that is truer than he’d ever imagined. But when someone from his past arrives, Nikki seems to lose all interest in rekindling their feelings.

A long time romantic who gave up on true love, Nikki Reed starts to look at life differently when an old crush checks into the Gingerbread Inn for a winter wedding. Drawn to each other, Nikki becomes unsure of Seth’s intentions when the past and other commitments distract Seth causing her to wonder if their rekindled relationship is only history repeating itself.


Snow Kissed Inn: Christmas at the Inn #12

When an old boss offers Courtney a job at a new Inn she leaps at the chance. A new start is just what she needs to get away from the small town where everyone knows how her engagement ended in heartbreak. What she doesn’t expect is her new boss Callum making her heart flutter.

Callum isn’t happy about his Grandfather buying an Inn on a whim, but he’ll do whatever it takes to make it successful. Even if that means ignoring the feelings sparked by the woman his Grandfather hired.

When a blizzard strikes, Courtney and Callum are forced to work more closely together to get the Inn ready for its Christmas Day Celebration. Can romance spark this holiday season or will they be left out in the cold?

If you like sweet romance, then you’ll love Snow Kissed Inn.


Apple Cider Inn: Christmas at the Inn #11

When world-renowned photographer, Andie Branson, is hired for a winter wedding, the only problem with the booking is that the festivities will be at the Apple Cider Inn, owned and operated by her ex-boyfriend’s family. After dating all through high school, a cheerleader named Rosie had taken interest in Frank, and their relationship had ended spectacularly. As Andie books her room, she comforts herself with the fact that she had heard he moved to Europe, so all would be fine. Right?

Director Frank Hadley is happy with his life at an art gallery in Paris when his brother calls and asks him to be the best man. Scheduled remodeling has the gallery closed for most of the holiday season, so Frank sees it as a sign of good luck and books a flight home. Sometime during the long flight, he finds himself excited to see the Inn again after so many years.

When Andie and Frank arrive at the Apple Cider Inn at the same time, chaos ensues as they try to navigate the upcoming nuptials without letting their awkwardness ruin it for the happy couple, even as familiar sparks fly between them. When the bride gets cold feet, Andie and Frank have to work together to save the wedding. Can they overcome their past and try again? Or when Rosie ends up being on the guest list, will history repeat itself?


Sugar Plum Inn: Christmas at the Inn #10

The chef and the restaurant critic are about to come face to face.

After being unjustly fired from a restaurant position in Boston, Chef Dora Bennett relocates to Northern Vermont in an effort to jump-start her career. Going to work at the small, but well-run, Sugar Plum Inn might just be the second chance she needs. Despite a few scathing reviews, Dora intends to do all she can to restore the inn’s reputation with her amazing food.

Charlie Ward is hiding not one but two secrets when he arrives at Sugar Plum Inn. First, he’s an inn and restaurant reviewer who always shows up incognito. Second, he’s been deaf since college. He’s not ashamed of it, but he also doesn’t want to be pitied, so he prefers that the world doesn’t know any more than necessary. He’s enjoying his life of traveling, writing reviews, and working on his first novel.

While neither Dora or Charlie are looking for anything outside their demanding jobs and their desire to move forward with their lives, a little holiday magic might make them stop to appreciate there is more to life than work and living single.


Silver Bell Inn: Christmas at the Inn #9

Silver Bell Inn is home to Freya James. The picturesque Victorian has belonged to her family for generations, but her father wants to sell after her mother passes. However, Freya’s adamant that’s not going to happen. As a mountain of repairs skyrocket, she’s working day and night to keep the inn afloat, but fears this may be the last Christmas at the inn unless there’s a miracle.

TV chef Gabriel Blake is scouting out potential restaurants for his cooking show, Gabriel’s Dreams Do Come True. The problem is, after a disastrous television interview, he manages to offend everyone in Maine, making him public enemy number one. When a tantalizing email lands in his inbox, offering him the perfect hideaway at Silver Bell Inn, he’s intrigued but unsure about staying in the small town of Echo Falls, Maine.

Then a phone call with the engaging owner changes his mind.

Freya James is not only a sweet temptation to look at, but she has a heart of gold and is hosting the annual cookie fundraiser for underprivileged children at the inn. The sugary treats and the pretty brunette are equally addictive and dangerous for Gabriel, who hates the holiday season as it reminds him of his painful past.

As the sparks of attraction increase, will Freya be able to help Gabriel overcome his triggers and heal?

Will Gabriel show Freya there’s more to life than work?


Starlight Inn: Christmas at the Inn #8

Caught in a snowstorm on Christmas Eve, Hope has no choice but spend the holiday at the Starlight Inn. Will she be touched by the magic of Christmas with a little help from a handsome stranger?

Hope Garland is at a crossroads. Nothing she does feels like it’s getting her to where she wants to be in life… It’s time for a change. Leaving everything in Dallas behind was a difficult choice, but she’ll have to make sacrifices to get the life she’s always wanted, even if that means being away from home for Christmas so she’ll be able to make her first shift on time.

Determined to reach her destination, Hope doesn’t stop even when a snowstorm threatens. But after a near miss on the highway, she finally decides to pull over and have a coffee before she keeps going. But the snow isn’t showing any sign of stopping and Hope will have to spend the night at a nearby inn.

The Starlight Inn is the perfect place to spend Christmas Eve, and Hope is swept away in the comfort and cheer of the holiday—but can she put aside her worry over her new job and take the time to really appreciate what Christmas has to offer?

Like it or not, Hope is snowed in at the Starlight Inn. Could handsome stranger Nicholas White, also stranded by the snowstorm, help her put things into perspective? Can she set things right before it’s too late?