Kissing Bough Inn: Christmas at the Inn #7

Maisie Greyson, social influencer and thirty-something entrepreneur, isn’t looking for love when she arrives at the Kissing Bough Inn. Her decision to combine business and pleasure goes horribly wrong when the innkeeper sees right through her employer’s intentions. She wants to make things right, but finds it hard to keep her heart in line with her objectives.

Zane Deveraux, widower and owner of the Kissing Bough Inn, has no time for love and nosey women trying to get him and his inn. He barely has enough time for his two daughters as he manages the family’s successful mountain resort. But keeping his heart unencumbered proves near impossible when the young woman in question is everything a family wants and needs in his life.

When the town of Nowhere, New Mexico, is unexpectedly snowed in, can Maisie and Zane find the love that each of them so desperately needs despite the obstacles trying to keep them apart?


Mistletoe Inn: Christmas at the Inn #6

All Charly wants for Christmas is a fun-filled vacation with her little girl. Who knew that would include bumping into a handsome blast from her past and her ex-husband as well.

Mistletoe Inn feels like the perfect getaway; it’s a virtual winter wonderland, including an unexpected run-in with the handsome Jack Winters—a fellow orchestra member from high school. He’s the owner of the inn and seems just as happy to see her again as she is to see him. Jack is charming and warm, if not a little shy—everything she remembers him to be and more. He quickly begins to fill the empty spaces in her life—spaces she didn’t even realize were missing. After Charly’s husband ripped her heart out three years before, she’s hesitant to ever fall in love again, but at the same time, there’s nothing she wants more. But when her ex-husband shows up at the inn and seems determined to win her back, Charly is lost, knowing what to do or which path would be best for her and her little girl.
Will a stolen kiss under the mistletoe make everything more clear, or just complicate her decision that much more?

For those who enjoyed Silver Bells Cottage from the Holiday Cottage series, you won’t want to miss Charly’s sweet and swoony journey to finding healing and love.


Merry Hollow Inn: Christmas at the Inn #5

Christmas Kringles and Holiday Tingles

When a desperate act of arson destroys most of the buildings on the Merry Hollow Christmas Tree Farm shortly before the holiday, Charlie Merry and his family are resolved to shut down for good.

However, determined Stacy Whitaker refuses to let her stepfather’s hard work turn to ashes. With the help of family, friends, and one hunky physical therapist, the spunky woman’s grand ideas take shape.

But can all the little elves and a lot of love rebuild what hate destroyed in time for the next holiday rush? And more importantly, will Santa deliver everything on Stacy’s wish list come Christmas morning?

“Merry Hollow inn” is a surprise sequel to the “Spirit of Christmas” series by Michele Pollock Dalton.


Hope Springs Harvest: Pumpkin Patch Romances #9

Ginger has always been the small-town girl with a big heart and a healthy dose of sass to go along with it. A weekend of family fun has her considering leaving the comforts of a life of blue ribbon recipes and a home where everyone sees her simply as Sally and Joe’s sweetheart of a niece.

When Owen left Hope Springs, he thought he shook off the dust of his small town beginnings. However, his rags-to-riches life brings him back to, of all places, the pumpkin patch with the woman who believed in him all those years ago.

A weekend together brings Ginger and Owen together. The two childhood friends may need a map to navigate the maze of events to find the happily ever after everyone in Hope Springs knows they deserve. That is, if they’ll slow down and read the directions.


Holly Bough Inn: Christmas at the Inn #4

Writer Kaleigh Templeton types The End on her latest romantic comedy script and heads out for a much-needed vacation. That this week is the first time her young son is spending Christmas with his father provided the perfect reason for Kaleigh to pitch in at her best friend’s mountain inn. Stopping for coffee at a roadside restaurant, she encounters a brash, impatient hunk who definitely needs a dose of Christmas spirit. Five miles down the road, her SUV sputters to a stop, and she pulls into a turnout. Before she can hike to the closest callbox, she watches a huge truck pull in behind and faces the gruff guy from the restaurant. Of all the rotten luck.

Ex-Ranger Vonn Lennart needs some ski therapy to provide clarity as he decides his next career move. A shoulder injury ended his Special Forces military service. The offer of a desk job wasn’t enough to entice him to stay. With a goal of opening a security company, he has to make some fast cash and is contemplating a job offer of military consultant on a big-budget movie to film in the spring. On the drive to his vacation spot, he keeps running into a perky brunette who he discovers is staying at the same inn. Their paths cross several times, and he’s intrigued, even asking her opinion of the movie script. But when things get messy with the appearance of her ex-husband and a kid, Vonn wonders if he’s in over his head.


Fir Tree Inn: Christmas at the Inn #3

With the roof needing repairs and the new hotel taking away business, Juliet fears Fir Tree Inn will not make it another season.

The best chance she has to save her beloved Inn is to partner with James, a man looking to make a name for himself out from under the shadow of his father—who owns one of the largest hotel chains in the East Coast. Soon, she realizes James is looking for more than a partner in business, but also a partner in life.

When Keegan, a firefighter from a nearby town, arrives looking for a chance to get away from painful memories, sparks fly. Juliet is torn between the man who promises to give her everything or the man who could cause her to lose it all.



Finding Love in the Hay Bale Maze: Pumpkin Patch Romances #8

Julia Williams has one job—to plan the perfect fall harvest festival for her small town, Brook Haven. It’s been her dream ever since she moved there as a young girl. It’s not only her favorite time of the year but her favorite festival the town hosts—and boy, do they host a lot. After gathering ideas over the years, she’s ready to roll up her sleeves and dig in. She has plans for games, themes for booths, contests, and even a “win a man, win a date” auction, where hopefully, two people get to share a romantic date for a festival dinner.

Wes Rivers doesn’t believe festivals draw in money for the town unless there is a big attraction to advertise. When he’s put on the council to help plan Brook Stone’s Fall Festival, he jumps at the chance to do something big. And nothing says big like a town-sized hay bale maze. Perhaps he is in it for selfish reasons, like getting his new inn off the ground, but he won’t admit it. Even when he and Julia butt heads over the festival.

Will the maze be a town hit? Or will it fall short of everyone’s expectations? And what happens when they both find themselves lost in the maze in the middle of the night together?


Cranberry Inn: Christmas at the Inn #2

Arisha Miskin escapes to the coast of Maine, where she was born and where she created one of her most popular book series. She arrives a week early at the Cranberry Inn. A broken engagement and seven years of hiding her identity are wearing thin.

Max Elliot is surprised to have a guest arrive a week early since the Inn was closed for renovations. Not willing to send her out on a cold and stormy night, he makes room for her in the Inn, only to have a branch break the window in the middle of the night. Now he has to move her to the honeymoon suite. To him, she is dangerous, a pixie, beautiful, alluring, and probably a bit mischievous.

Their attraction grows as life gets complicated. Can he give his heart to another after losing his wife three months after their marriage? Can she open her heart after the breakup with her fiancé? Can they survive whoever is after her?


Autumn Dreams: Pumpkin Patch Romances #7

She is a dating disaster trying to find her happily ever after. He doesn’t believe in love.

Despite her mishaps, Autumn still believes in true love much to Andrew’s disappointment. Since his fiance’ left him at the alter, he’s given up on fairytales. They’ve spent countless hours on the pumpkin patch debating if true love exists. Time and again when her heart is broken, and he’s been there to commiserate.

When her latest date sues for the pumpkin patch, he’s had enough. If she insists her true love is out there, he’s going to teach her how to properly date. Then he’ll find the perfect man for her. The problem is, she already knows he’s the one she dreams of. Now she just has to convince him that dreams can come true.