Miracle Inn: Christmas at the Inn #22

Layla left Double Creek and she left behind the things that held her down. She swore she’d never move back, even after her best friend, Megan, returned to their small hometown. Everything changed when Layla’s grandmother got hurt, and now Layla is back in Double Creek. Running her grandmother’s beloved inn, Layla realizes she’s not the same girl that left this town.

Jacob Haskill is just a cowboy. Punching cows, baling hay, and fixing fences are all he knows. Well, and he’s had a crush on Layla since grade school. Her return gives him hope that maybe now she’ll finally notice him. Riding in on a white horse, Jacob determines to save Layla from what troubles her, and to help her save the inn, too.

But is a cowboy on a white horse really what a paramedic-turned-inn-manager needs? Find out in this final installment of the Double Creek series and enjoy one last holiday with the people who live and love in this small town.


Winter Wonderland Inn: Christmas at the Inn #21

Come visit the Winter Wonderland Inn and get wrapped up in the holiday season.

This will be Noelle’s first Christmas alone with her younger sister Adrianna. When the manager of the Winter Wonderland Inn says she can bring her sister to work for the season, she knows it will be a holiday that will heal her sister’s tender heart.

Kristopher, with a K, wants to sneeze every time he hears the jingle of holiday bells. The self-proclaimed grinch would prefer to stay in the comfort of his home and eat prepared meals until people settle down from the holiday madness. The only thing that can pull him out of his house is a phone call from an ailing uncle.

Kristopher’s grumpy heart doesn’t stand a chance when he joins forces with Noelle to make it a Christmas worth remembering. She’s hoping the small town holiday season will bring him a gift he’ll cherish long after the calendar page is turned.


Sugar Cookie Inn: Christmas at the Inn #20

Sugar Cookie Inn: Book 20 of the Christmas at the Inn Series

When the Christmas bells jingle, Heather meets Nick–the grumpy to her sunshine. He thinks he has the upper hand hiring her for the impossible job of making new quilts for his mothers Inn, with just weeks until Christmas. Little does he know, the women have everything all stitched up.

Will Nick stop to smell the fresh baked cookies; or will his scheduling and spreadsheets be the undoing of him, and the inn?

Sugar Cookie Inn features happy quilters, a brood of handyman brothers, and an unsuspecting suitor with a steadfast plan–all served warm, in Pye, Maine.


Kris Kringle Inn: Christmas at the Inn #19

For the last three years, Christmas brings Harper Winchester nothing but pain. Instead of celebrating the holiday she used to love, she spends the holiday season alone. Pushing away all of her friends and alienating her family, she clings to the memories before tragedy turned her world upside down.

When Harper’s aunt suddenly passes away, she leaves Harper Kris Kringle Inn, located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. With no interest in owning and running an inn, especially one with a Christmas theme, she travels to the small town of Winter Springs with every intention of selling the place. How can she own a business that constantly reminds her of the worst day of her life?

Noel VanBuren grew up in a wealthy family that valued money above all else. With the expectation he would one day take over the resort his father built from the ground up, Noel can’t stomach the thought. His father’s focus on money instead of people pushes Noel to take a hard look at what he really wants in life.

Taking a leave of absence, Noel stumbles upon Kris Kringle Inn. The warm atmosphere contrasts with his father’s resort. When his father calls and gives him an ultimatum, Noel finds himself even more lost than before. And then he meets her.
Something about Harper’s demeanor intrigues Noel. Can he find what he’s looking for at the Kris Kringle Inn? Can Harper let go of the past and find healing while she decides what to do with the gift her aunt left her?


Holly Berry Inn: Christmas at the Inn #18

Kirsten Collins has everything a woman could want… assuming a man isn’t on her list. Her career as a cancer researcher has consumed her life ever since college, and the chances of things changing any time soon are slim… to slimmer.

Rick Madison has spent his last ten years on a football field, first as a player and now as a recruiter for his alma mater. His life has been spent on the road, with no time for a serious relationship. Not that he deserved one, given how badly he bungled his romance with his college sweetheart.

When mutual friends schedule their winter wedding at Holly Berry Inn, Kirsten and Rick meet again for the first time since graduation. Will the mistakes they both made in the past be enough to keep them apart? Or, will their second chance arrive along with the season’s first snowfall?


Sleigh Bells Inn: Christmas at the Inn #17

Amaryllis North, Rill to her friends, just landed her dream job as assistant to the president of an up-and-coming fashion design company. She’s still on employment probation when her aunt calls and asks her to take a leave of absence and come home to run the family inn for two months. She can’t risk her job, but neither can she risk losing her heritage by not going.

Owen Rose, former soldier turned maintenance man, loves Snowy Hollow and the Sleigh Bells Inn. The town and the inn are his life and he can’t imagine living anywhere else. Life would be perfect if he had someone to love. He’s had a thing for his employer’s niece since they were kids, and she’s headed home. With luck, he’ll be able to win her heart.

Back in Snowy Hollow, Rill frets over her uncertain future and tries to protect her heart from falling for former bad boy Owen. She wants to stay strong and resist him and the lure of her roots, but Snowy Hollow, Sleigh Bells Inn, and Owen Rose might just be more than her heart can resist.
Will Amaryllis cut and run back to the city, or will Owen get his Christmas miracle and an unstoppable love?


Evergreen Inn: Christmas at the Inn #15

When Michelle Rivers learns about an inn for sale in Colorado, she books a room and heads west, hopeful that the property will be as perfect for her as it sounds. With Christmas just around the corner, she can’t help but bask in the thoughts of a holiday-filled winter wonderland at her “soon-to-be-new” inn. What she didn’t plan on was another guest who checked in with the intention of buying the place too.

Briggs Bevan has always dreamed of owning his own inn. When his realtor calls him about a place in Colorado that is exactly what he’s been looking for, he hands his restaurant to his sister and books a room. When Briggs finds out another guest is there to buy the inn, he’s quick to approach the owners with an offer he hopes they can’t refuse.

What happens when these two butt heads on everything, and who will end up signing the escrow papers?


Snowflake Inn: Christmas at the Inn #14

When a merry matchmaker brings two lonely people together, will a Christmas love follow?

Gina Snow’s life imploded after her fiancé dumped her and stole her dream job as a pastry chef at a famous hotel. Now she’s come back to temporarily run her uncle Dan’s Snowflake Inn after he had a series of mini strokes. She’ll keep the inn going while he finishes rehab. Then maybe she’ll try to get a life. One thing she knows is romance is not in the cards for her. She vows never to mix love and business again.

Jessie Barnes, a wounded ex-warrior recently dismissed from the same rehab facility, is hungry to complete one more mission. He’s come to the inn, taking Dan up on his request that he manage the inn so Gina is not burdened and can follow her dreams.

Can Gina and Jessie work together? Will they find the piece of their heart that each is missing when they come together? To find out, take a trip with me to the Snowflake Inn.


Gingerbread Inn: Christmas at the Inn #13

Do you believe in second chances?

Neither did Nikki Reed nor Seth Jermaine until they found each other wrapped in the magic of Christmas at the Gingerbread Inn.

Seth Jermaine’s life is turned upside down when a long-lost love checks him into the Gingerbread Inn where they first met thirty years ago. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, for Seth that is truer than he’d ever imagined. But when someone from his past arrives, Nikki seems to lose all interest in rekindling their feelings.

A long time romantic who gave up on true love, Nikki Reed starts to look at life differently when an old crush checks into the Gingerbread Inn for a winter wedding. Drawn to each other, Nikki becomes unsure of Seth’s intentions when the past and other commitments distract Seth causing her to wonder if their rekindled relationship is only history repeating itself.