Falling for Her: Pumpkin Patch Romance #4

Love can bloom in the most unexpected places, even in a pumpkin patch!

Pam Livingston is the middle daughter of a family of ten, as well being an identical twin. To say she feels lost and forgotten is an understatement. It’s not that she’s unhappy though, she’s just terribly awkward and shy, especially around men. So when the gorgeous Joshua Drake, the man who just moved in next door—who likely thinks she’s a mute—turns out to be the new principal at the school where she teaches, she immediately clams up whenever he walks into her classroom. Instead of formulating any coherent sentences, she squeaks and mumbles, making a complete fool of herself.
Beyond humiliated, Pam foregoes drowning her sorrows in a bucket of ice cream and wanders the local pumpkin patch instead.

Joshua is instantly taken with his new neighbor, but when he finds out that she’s one of the teachers at the school where he’s been newly hired, he knows he can’t pursue anything with her. The strict rules of the school district forbid it. Besides that, Pam can’t seem to stand being within the same vicinity as him; she either looks as if some foul odor has entered the room or hightails it whenever he’s around. The fact that she darted behind a pumpkin when he and his nephew showed up at the pumpkin patch just further solidifies his belief that she detests him. But when his precocious nephew challenges him to get to know the lovely Pam Livingston a little better—in a strictly professional manner, of course—Joshua can’t help but take his nephew up on the challenge.


Harvest Moon Kisses: Pumpkin Patch Romances #3

For the past four years, Tamsyn Norwood has operated the family’s pumpkin patch and corn maze. Although the business barely breaks even. During college, she spent a glorious night in a pumpkin patch with her boyfriend. Sadly, that relationship didn’t last, but she has worked hard to recreate the special feeling for others. If the patch income doesn’t improve by November first, her father threatens to plow the acres for a cash crop. She works herself ceaselessly to come up with supporting activities to keep the business going.

Ex-professional football player Harper Ashton is in town visiting an old college buddy. Released from his team because of an injured elbow, he’s at a crossroads over what comes next in his life. Life in this small town is nothing he’s ever experienced, and he soaks in the sense of community. He crosses paths with a college sweetheart, and suddenly, he has a new goal. Maybe his marketing degree and his famous name will help her struggling enterprise.

Working together reminds them of their college years. But can they recapture a love under the harvest moonlight?


Love and Pumpkin Spice Lattes: Pumpkin Patch Romance #1

Piper loves her life. She runs a small coffee shop that’s quickly become a favorite in town. She has great customers, wonderful coworkers, and not a complaint in the world. When her coworker notices that one of her customers is paying extra attention to her, she finds it endearing. Trey is sweet, kind, and funny, but she doesn’t like him like that. She’s happy with things the way they are.

When Gus, an old friend from school, returns to town and stops by to pay her a visit, she couldn’t be more thrilled. He’s the same great guy he’s always been and just as handsome. Their relationship falls right back in place. It’s as if he never left. Before long, they plan a trip to the pumpkin patch for old times’ sake, but the nostalgia is short-lived when someone makes ominous threats and even follows them on one of their adventures.

Something is brewing, and it’s not just a budding romance. When Gus and Piper uncover the truth, will it pull them closer or send them running in opposite directions?


Basking in the Bahamas (A Summer Vacation Romance #11)

A tropical Paradise, two determined people and love in the air…will it catch them as they run from it?

Skye just wanted to stay in her writing bubble, comfy in her sweatpants eating pizza. But her friends from grade school were insisting she join them on the annual summer vacation, even though she had already declined several times due to a deadline approaching.and a serious case of writer’s block.She didn’t have time to have fun; she didn’t have time to do anything, much less lay on a beach in a tropical paradise.

Gage had a plan to be the best and most sought-after airline to and from the Bahamas as well as tourist excursions. He had put the plan in motion and nothing was going to get in his way, not even the girl with the extraordinary eyes who stepped onto his plane. He vowed to stay away, but fate had a different idea and put them directly in one another’s paths.

Can they stay away from each other and stick to their plans, or will fate win out as usual?


Summer Lovin’ (A Summer Vacation Romance #10)

Erica West is after one thing when she checks into an Oregon resort owned by the reclusive billionaire. All she wants is to interview the owner for her article in the award-winning women’s magazine she works for in hopes of getting a well-deserved promotion. But when she meets her charmingly irresistible assigned staff assistant, Tate is more than just a distraction. He holds the key that will help her write the magazine article, and his secretive nature intrigues her more. Is it the hot summer sun that has made her forget that she can’t trust men – or is it because she’s there under a disguise?

When billionaire, Tate Sloan, spots the newest guest, he knows his week will be filled with more than just paperwork to discover why he’s losing money on his resort. The blue-eyed beauty has branded him in a way he has never experienced. Is it wrong for him to hope Erica can love him for himself and not because of his money?


Stranded in Sydney (A Summer Vacation Romance #5)

He’s won the match, now he needs to win her heart…

Spending her last dime to surprise her professional tennis player boyfriend at the Australian Open, Jewel Roberts books a flight to travel to the other side of the world. She’s beyond excited to see Alex after so many weeks apart and is in dire need of a vacation. But when she gets there, not only is she too late to watch him play, but she’s shocked to discover that he wants to break up with her. After spending all her money to see him, the jerk doesn’t even offer to help her get home. How foolish could she have been?

Penniless, heartbroken, and no longer a fan of the deplorable male species, Jewel does the last thing she thought she’d ever do; she accepts a job to clean some random guy’s large house. Desperate times call for desperate jobs. And she desperately wants to get back to Texas. She wasn’t about to say no to the room he was offering her either. At least, she won’t be cozying up to a park bench for the foreseeable future. But when she finds out that he’s just another professional tennis player, all she wants to do is get out of Australia all the sooner. She’s done dealing with cocky men living in the limelight with women flocking all around. Too bad he’s got a devilishly handsome smile to tag onto his delicious accent. Curse the man and his charm.

Chris Marshall’s euphoria after winning the Australian Open comes crashing down around him when he realizes his advice to his opponent before the finals match causes the heartbreak of an unsuspecting young woman. When he comes upon her crying, he feels as if it’s his duty to offer her a job since she refuses to accept his charity. But falling in love with her wasn’t part of the plan. Now he’s stuck with trying to find a way to tell her that his meddling is the reason for her heartache, and convince her to trust him when all she wants to do is leave her bad memories and his country behind.


Escape to Paradise (A Summer Vacation Romance #9)

Allison (Ali) Dow, a thirty-two-year-old, driven corporate attorney harbors the worst fear of commitment known to man (or woman). With two failed engagements under her belt, the last thing she wants is the distraction of another man unable to handle her professional success.

Jace Bailey, thirty-three, is the new head of security for Tech-Savvy Solutions. After ten years as an MP (military police), Jace has always planned to return to the family business once he’s discharged. However, when a good friend and former mentor offers him a job in corporate security, he jumps at the chance to remain a ‘protector’.

His first major off-campus assignment requires him to escort his employer’s corporate attorney to the island paradise of Grand Cayman to close a major business deal. The job should be simple until he realizes the attorney in question is the woman known around the TSS watercooler as ‘viper’.

Can these two distinctly different individuals manage to get along long enough to get the job done? Or, will they be the only two people on the island who aren’t affected by the romantic magic of their surroundings?


Cruisin’ into Love (A Summer Vacation Romance #8)

Smooth sailing on a singles’ cruise… of course not.

Millie Henderson oversees many things, including making the final decision regarding designs, however, she won’t have the final say in this one. When another advertising agency starts the process to buy out her employer, Dream Novel, her job is in jeopardy. Now she has something else to worry about, the handsome man who has been watching her every move on the cruise.

Cameron Walker seems to have terrible luck, especially when it comes to women, that was why his friends signed him up for the cruise. Getting away for a few days to meet a pretty lady was worth it. Cameron knew something could go wrong when he found out Millie was a perfect match for him. How long could he go without telling his secret and her not hating him?

If they want this relationship to work, they must cruise into love the right way.


Summer Break with the Billionaire (A Summer Vacation Romance #7)

Another summer break wrangling for the Marigold Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and boy was last semester a doozy. Whitnee needed to get down and dirty with her favorite equines and forget all about the stress of getting her bachelor’s degree. Too bad her ex, Gage, decided to come back for the season, too. As additional responsibility and a fresh wave of guests arrive at the Marigold, she’s beginning to wonder if maybe she ought to have signed up for more coursework.

Cutler was the first to admit his cluelessness when it came to horses, but the trusting, gentle nature of his assigned equine partner has him hooked on horseback riding immediately. The cowgirl teaching him the ropes is easy on the eyes, too. When his growing attraction to Whitnee has him thinking more long-term, Cutler knows he has to come clean about his biggest secret: that he came to Wyoming to escape his high-society life. Can Whitnee fit in with his lifestyle? Will the boisterous college student even want to?


Fireworks in Friday Harbor (A Summer Vacation Romance #6)

Will the 4th of July fireworks light the way to love for Summer and Ace when they find themselves thrown together in Friday Harbor this summer?

Seattle marketing specialist Summer Connelly welcomes the assignment to supervise the construction of a company float for the annual 4th of July parade in Friday Harbor, WA. Not only will it be a chance to prove her leadership skills to her boss, but an opportunity for a much-needed escape, especially since she hasn’t taken any time off since her divorce was finalized over a year ago.

Ace Lockhart is tired. He works himself to the bone at his Portland contracting company, but something in his life feels off. When doctors tell him his elderly father has taken a turn for the worse, he heads to Friday Harbor to be with the old man, simply because no one else in the family will even speak to him after what he did.

As fate would have it, Summer’s plans for the parade go up in smoke before any fireworks are even set off. Can Ace be the ticket to light at the end of the tunnel? Will their days together prior to the big show lead to fireworks in more ways than one?