Her Oregon Trail Doctor

Her Oregon Trail Doctor

Four orphans and their headmistress set out for Oregon in search of men looking for mail-order brides. Will they find what they are looking for? Or will fate have other plans?

Plucked from a life of uncertainty at a bordello, Lark Brockwood finds herself at the mercy of fate. A ward of the Kensington Orphanage since she was little and scarred by her past experiences with men, she dreads the prospect of being forced to join a wagon train bound for Oregon in search of eligible husbands.

A man haunted by the loss of his family, Dr. Carter Evans travels west to start anew and leave the memories of his past behind. After he sets his sights on the guarded and alluring Lark, he finds himself drawn to her despite her attempts to keep him at bay.

When an outbreak of measles threatens the lives of everyone on the wagon train, including Lark, the journey west takes a dangerous turn. With Lark’s health rapidly deteriorating, Carter must do everything in his power to save her, even if it means laying bare his own vulnerabilities to prove to her that she is deserving of love and that she’s worth fighting for.

Will they be able to overcome their pasts and forge a future together, or will their love be lost to the peril of their journey? This is a timeless tale of love, redemption, and the power of second chances, set against the backdrop of the American West and a time when anything was possible, and the future was unwritten.


Her Mail Order Mix-Up

Her Mail Order Mix-Up

Cullen McCray is a man haunted by loss. With his first wife’s ghost a constant presence in his mind, he shuns the world, seeking solace alone in the mountains. But fate has other plans, and when tragedy strikes and his estranged brother, Clint, dies, Cullen is left to pick up the pieces and care for Clint’s young daughter. As he struggles to deal with his newfound responsibilities, a mysterious woman appears, claiming to be Clint’s fiancée and the future Mrs. McCray.

Maggie Colton is a city girl with dreams of a life filled with love and adventure, but she soon realizes the reality of her situation is far from what she expected. Upon her arrival in Lone Hollow, she discovers that her fiancé is dead, and her new home is a crumbling ranch house, a dilapidated guest house, and a barn in dire need of repair.

As Maggie tries to navigate the lies she was told, she finds herself drawn to the enigmatic Cullen. Will he be able to lay the demons of his past to rest and open his heart to a new beginning? Or will he send Maggie back before her bags are unpacked? Only time will tell in this tale of love, loss, and the power of the human spirit to rise from the ashes.

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A Christmas Wreath for Whitney

A Christmas Wreath for Whitney

Whitney Smith always knew her aunt and uncle didn’t love her. It’s no surprise when she learns they sold her to Sheldon Walker to pay off their gambling debts. Adventure tells her to answer an ad from a sheriff in Montana looking for a wife in time for Christmas. Desperation tells her to steal the mans’ address and flee on the next train, not caring that he’s not exactly expecting her.

Sheriff Clark Holden doesn’t wish to spend another holiday alone. Although no one has responded to his ad just yet, he’s hopeful someone will soon. What he doesn’t expect is for one of those ladies to show up, knocking on his door. Instinct says she’s on the run, and he can’t help but want her to stay.

Along with her new life starting in Montana, Whitney distracts herself with their wedding and preparing for their first Christmas together. She’s forgotten all about the deal her family made. When a storm rolls in, trapping Whitney and Clark in his mountain cabin, she believes it’s a blessing. Snow and ice are no match for Sheldon Walker, however, who has come looking for her. And has found her.

Can Clark protect Whitney from the man threatening to take Whitney away or will Sheldon take back the woman he paid for?

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