HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Her Mail Order Misconception

Famous singer Elsa Crestwood can entertain a crowd with a song. But when she is attacked in her dressing room and learns it was her uncle’s right-hand man, she flees Butte, unsure if her uncle is involved or not and why either of them would want her dead. Unfortunately, as she’s trying to escape, she’s in a stagecoach accident and loses her memory.

After bandits shoot him, stagecoach driver Jasper Hemlock is ordered to take some time off. His pa thinks it’s high time he should find a wife and settle down, but Jasper isn’t too keen on the idea. At least not yet. When he comes across a stagecoach crash, he helps the only survivor—a young woman who doesn’t know who she is and has no memory of why she was on the stagecoach.

With no memories of her life before the crash, Elsa takes on a new name, staying with Jasper—the only man she trusts and a man she’s falling for starts. Will Elsa remember not only who she is but how she came to be in Lone Hollow? Or will her uncle’s men find her first?

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HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Her Mail Order Miscalculation

Cora Bennett never had the childhood most children have. Her father was killed during a bank heist, and her brothers and mother have been known as the famous Bennett Bandits ever since. She wants to leave her family’s criminal life, so she begins correspondence with a man in Lone Hollow as a mail-order bride, hoping he will soon send for her to come and marry him.

Sheriff Wyatt Bullock can’t wait for the girl he’s been corresponding with to arrive in Lone Hollow. He also can’t wait to make her his bride. When Miss Cora Bennett arrives, however, she’s not the proper lady he was picturing in his mind. She rides a horse like a man, can shoot a gun, and wears pants! When her mother and brothers arrive too, not only is Wyatt shocked, but Cora seems surprised too. She also seems scared, and Wyatt doesn’t know what to make of it.

After a band of robbers terrorizes a neighboring town, the mayor enlists the help of Wyatt and his deputy sheriff to make sure a stagecoach passing through makes it through town safely. When Wyatt discovers Cora’s secrets, he’s forced to face the truth that she not only lied to him but could have written to him just to get information on the stagecoach.

Will he ever believe she didn’t meet him on purpose? And when Cora finds out her family has plans to rob the stagecoach, can she stop them from not only robbing it but gunning down Wyatt in the process?

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HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Her Mail Order Misunderstanding

Amelia Hawthorn has been waiting for a post at the Lone Hollow school for what seems like forever. After finally getting word she is to start at the school, Amelia heads to the tiny town. While she expects a friendly welcome from all the children, she doesn’t expect the current teacher to not only still be teaching but also swears he did not resign from his post.

Harrison Craig has been looking to settle down. A teacher who loves his job, he wants a wife and family of his own. After seeing other men in the town find love in a mail-order bride, Harrison takes out an ad and has been awaiting his first correspondence. When a lovely woman shows up because of the ad, he’s shocked to learn she thinks it’s for his teaching job.

Amelia and Harrison couldn’t be any more different and they disagree more often than not. But when a girl from town goes missing the two have to come together to help find her? Can they overcome their differences long enough to help save her? Or will Amelia go off on her own, getting into a situation that was more than she bargained for?

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HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Her Mail Order Mistake

Left at the orphanage by her dying mother when she was only nine years old, the only thing Lily Prescott knew about her real father came from a slip of paper with his name and the town he lived in—Lone Hollow—etched on it in ink. A piece of paper she held in a locked box underneath her bed and a piece of paper that held all her hope that one day she would get to meet him. When Miss Whittaker, the orphanage’s headmaster receives word from the wealthy owner of the sawmill in Lone Hollow wanting to place an advertisement for a mail-order bride for his son, she knows just who to send to marry the lad. The young woman she’s known for years and who has grown into a lovely lady and the young woman who she knows is trying to get to the small town to find her father.

Roderick Townsend wanted to marry only one woman. But after an accident leaves him looking different than before, Emily Sanderson breaks off their courtship and breaks this heart. With his hopes to propose to the woman he loved were dashed, he is less than thrilled when another young woman whom his father sent for shows up on his door as his new intended. As is his mother, who has plans of her own on how to get rid of the young blonde, she doesn’t think is good enough for her son.

What will happen when sparks start flying between Roderick and Lily? Will his mother get her way in the end? And will Lily ever find the father she’s been searching for? Or will there be nothing but a string of shattered hearts throughout the tiny town of Lone Hollow?

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A Christmas Groom for Grace: Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #21

She needs a groom…

Grace Johnson grew up in an orphanage. With no idea who her parents were or why they gave her up, she decides to stay on at the only place she’s ever called home. When a fire breaks out and destroys the orphanage, there is no place for her to stay long term. The director suggests Grace become a mail-order-bride. Grace struggles with leaving. The orphan girls have become like sisters to her, and she hates the thought of never seeing them again. What other choice does she have but to say goodbye and move on with her life?

He doesn’t know he needs a bride…

Preacher Pete Tucker’s been lost ever since his young wife, Susannah, died in childbirth three years ago. With taking care of his son as well as the church, he struggles with keeping it together. When Pete’s friends suggest he gets remarried, he balks at the idea, feeling it would be a betrayal to the only woman he’s ever loved. But when his son almost gets run down by a wagon, the least he can do is put an advertisement in the paper, making it clear he’s not looking for a love match. When Grace Johnson arrives in Mountain Springs, Colorado as an answer to his ad, Pete discovers he may be in for more than he bargained for.
Will Grace be able to find the family she’s always longed for? Will Pete allow love to enter his life once more? Or will they have a marriage of convenience?


HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Her Mail Order Mix-Up

Cullen McCray has no desire for marriage and love after the death of his first wife. A self-proclaimed lone wolf, he only wishes to spend his life in his cabin in the mountains, far away from his family’s ranch and his brother. But when Clint dies in an accident, he leaves behind a young daughter and it’s up to Cullen must pick up the pieces to help the girl. The question is can he also pick up the pieces for the woman, who he knows nothing about, coming to marry his dead brother?

When Maggie Colton steps off the stagecoach in the small town of Lone Hollow, she’s unaware of her intended husband-to-be’s accident. She also doesn’t know about his brother or the condition of the cattle ranch she believed was something other than what it is. Clint hadn’t exactly been honest about everything, leaving Maggie to rough it in an older ranch house, an even older guest house, and a barn that has seen better days. Not to mention hundreds of cattle, dozens of chickens, pigs, horses, and what she is sure is the fattest cat she’s ever seen.

Will Cullen send her back before her bags are unpacked? And if she stays, will Maggie be able to not only win his heart but survive this new life she’s found herself in?

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Book Review: Love Finds an Outlaw

Can a pistol-packing spinster and an adventure-loving reporter find love amidst the mishaps and trials of the Santa Fe railroad’s ill-fated inaugural excursion?

Mary Owen has a ticket to ride the Santa Fe train on a sight-seeing excursion from Topeka, Kansas to Pueblo, Colorado. She intends to live life unrestrained on this trip because it may be her only chance unless she can convince her father to let her choose her own husband. A future of cooking and babies and small town life is not what she wants.

News reporter, Wyatt Cross bought the last ticket for the excursion, hoping one of the 84 women (he knows because he checked before buying his ticket for this scenic tour) would be someone he could love and who would share his sense of adventure. This is a last-ditch effort to keep his father happy and to preserve his inheritance. While waiting to board, he notices a tall, beautiful woman, Mary. The speed her hands move while she speaks fascinates him. Hope sparks inside of him. Maybe the trip will turn out to be more than a scenic ride up the mountain.

Climb aboard and read this romantic adventure.


There is quite the adventure packed in the pages of this novella and trust me when I say you won’t regret reading it. I had so much fun reading this tale and enjoyed it from start to finish. The writing is beautiful and it flows throughout, and the characters just make you wish there was a little more to the story. Don’t get me wrong, you won’t be disappointed in the length. I only meant they will stay with you long after you finish. There were some twists and turns and even humor that kept me turning pages, and I can’t wait for the next one in the series!

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A Christmas Baby for Beatrice: Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #18

Beatrice Collier has had a hard life. Born into poverty, she was orphaned at six and raised in a state-run facility. As a child, she never knew the joy of the holidays. When she turned eighteen, she married for security, rather than love. Having never really known true affection, she had no inkling what she was missing.

Ten years into their marriage, Beatrice’s husband was killed in a freak accident in the textiles factory where he worked, leaving her alone again at twenty-eight. With no real education, and jobs at a premium she finds work as a woman’s companion to support herself. When her current employer dies, she’s once again out of work. Rather than search for another job, she answers an ad for a mail order bride and sets out on a cross-country journey from her Pennsylvania home to the state of Washington.

Maxwell (Max) McCauley owns four hundred acres of prime property and makes his living as a horticulturalist, overseeing the largest privately owned acreage of Western White Pines in the western U.S. Well educated, a stickler for detail, his expertise is in demand, making him far too busy to properly court a woman. Yet, his home needs a woman’s touch. He needs a woman’s touch. Rather than waste time searching for a wife in an area where women are still few and far between, he asks his housekeeper to do whatever it takes to find him a suitable wife. The older woman takes her task to heart, placing advertisements in a half dozen newspapers.

However, her brutally honest ad about Max’s business, and often inclement weather in Washington state, repels more women than it attracts. And, at the end of the week-long advertisement, there are only two applicants.

Max wasn’t sure what he was expecting when his housekeeper told him that the woman she’d chosen for him was a widow. However, it definitely wasn’t the strong-willed, independent spitfire with dark red hair and the most magnificent golden eyes. His previous plan to stay at arms-length until they got to know one another went out the window within twenty minutes of Bea’s arrival. Despite her outwardly attractive appearance, there’s a sadness to Bea he can’t quite identify.

Beatrice can’t believe what she’s reading when she receives the telegram offering her the chance to become Mr. McCauley’s wife. Perhaps, at last, she’ll find a real home, with a man who can support her, and with whom she can work side-by-side.

Her only concern is how he’ll react when she tells him the one secret she’s been keeping from everyone for as long as she can remember. As much as she dreads the admission, she knows they can’t marry until she’s confessed. Will he send her packing on the first train headed east when he finds out the truth?


A Christmas Journey for Jessie: Mail Order Brides’ First Christmas #17

Jessie Miller was restless to begin her own life. She loves her siblings but raising nine children practically on her own wasn’t what she had planned. She longed to travel, to see more of the world than the little small town she grew up in. Except she had no means to get out on her own. She was trapped…until she saw his ad in the matrimonial weekly.

William Atwood, son and heir to his grandfather’s extensive ranch, thought he had it all. He had money, he’d traveled at his leisure, and he had all friends a man could want…but he wasn’t expecting his grandfather’s will to say he had to marry by his 25th birthday or forfeit it all.

Desperate times meant desperate measures. Turned out his grandfather had taken matters into his own hands and placed an ad on his behalf…for a mail order bride.

He had to marry her, he had no choice. But now that she’s here on his ranch he wonders if need and desire could be one and the same…


A Christmas Star For Mae: Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #16

Mae Smith is sent against her will to marry a man she doesn’t know. This wasn’t how her life was to turn out. Her Pa thought of her as property. She planned on the side to stash away money and make a run for it when it was safe. Except Joel isn’t like she thought he might be. Will they get their Christmas miracle?

Joel Thompson agrees against his morals to take in this woman his brother bought in a poker game. He’d rather live a quiet life as the town’s sheriff, and not be tied down. But when she shows up, cold and upset, he can’t say no. As his heart thaws to her, can their love survive?

A Christmas Star for Mae s part of the multi-author sweet and clean Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas series. It can be read as a standalone or enjoyed as part of the series.