The Barrel Racer

Nothing comes between a Sutton and the Sutton Ranch . . .

For Sadie, her father’s ranch means one thing—home. An ex-pro barrel racer, she’s retired and is fixing on getting into the breeding business side of the horse world, and paring her best mares with the prized stallion owned by Jace Grant is just the way she wants to start her business. Of course, Jace has other things on his mind.

But she won’t think about that.

When her father has a heart attack, Sadie and her sisters learn the ranch is in financial trouble. To keep them afloat, Sadie must come out of retirement, strapping on her barrel racing boots once more to bring in an income. Too bad her horse doesn’t take the pressure of their revamped career as well as Sadie. Luckily Jace has an idea up his sleeve.

Is it enough to help Sadie get back to her pro status and help the ranch? Or will all their dreams fall flat and force the ranch into foreclosure?