Finding Love in the Hay Bale Maze

(Book Eight) ~ Pumpkin Patch Romance

Julia Williams has one job—to plan the perfect fall harvest festival for her small town, Brook Haven. It’s been her dream ever since she moved there as a young girl. It’s not only her favorite time of the year, but her favorite festival the town hosts—and boy, do they host a lot. After gathering ideas over the years, she’s ready to roll up her sleeves and dig in. She has plans for games, themes for booths, contests, and even a “win a basket, win a date” auction, where hopefully two people get to share a romantic date for lunch.

Wes Carter doesn’t believe festivals draw in money for the town unless there is a big attraction to advertise. When he’s put on the council to help plan Brook Haven’s Fall Festival, he jumps at the chance to do something big. And nothing says big like a town sized hay bale maze. Perhaps he is in it for selfish reasons, like getting his new inn off the ground, but he won’t admit it. Even when he and Julia butt heads over the festival.

Will be the maze be a town hit? Or will it fall short of everyone’s expectations? And what happens when they both find themselves lost in the maze in the middle of the night together?

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