For Luke Parker his days are filled with one thing—enjoying life while living the dream of owning his food truck. Who needs a woman when he has all that he cares about and loves? Not to mention, watching all his friends get married and lose everything that means anything to them, has left him content to stay single. For good.

After one failed relationship after another, Maci Riggs leaves the city for a life in a small town. With a passion for food and cooking, she decides a food truck is a far better idea than trying to open a restaurant. Not to mention cheaper. When she arrives in Shadow Brook ready to open for business, however, her plans take detour as the one resident, who already owns the one food truck in town, doesn’t care for Maci horning in on his business or his town.

When the town council decides to open a food truck park, limiting all food trucks to one spot, Luke and Maci must find a way to co-habituate or suffer the consequences of losing business. Can they set their differences aside? Or will the sparring pair stop their growing businesses faster than a red stop light?

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