Her Mail Order Misconception

Famous singer Elsa Crestwood captivates audiences with her stunning voice, but when she’s attacked in her dressing room by her uncle’s right-hand man, she is thrown into a dangerous game of survival. Fearing for her life and unsure of her uncle’s involvement, she flees Butte, only to find herself in the middle of a stagecoach accident that leaves her with no memory of her past.

Recovering from a near stagecoach robbery, Jasper Hemlock finds himself drawn into the mystery when he comes across the wreckage of the stagecoach and rescues the only survivor—a young woman who doesn’t know who she is. Even with scars of his own, he helps her piece together the fragments of her past, giving her a new identity and protecting her at all costs.

With her uncle’s men closing in, Elsa and Jasper find themselves racing against time to uncover the truth before it’s too late. Will they uncover the truth about Elsa’s past before it catches up with them? Or will her memories remain lost forever, putting not only her life but also her newfound love in peril? The only sure thing is that the road ahead is filled with danger, deceit, and the possibility of love.