Her Oregon Trail Blacksmith

Four orphans and their headmistress set out for Oregon in search of men looking for mail-order brides. Will they find what they are looking for? Or will fate have other plans?

Harper McCall loves teaching. Although she has never thought of the profession for herself, a new adventure and the chance to start a life in Oregon have her considering the thought more and more. When a chance to help a German couple and Native American woman on the wagon train learn English presents itself, Harper happily takes on the task.

Brooks Campbell has been a blacksmith for more years than he can remember. He’s dedicated to his work, finding little need for much else, until he sees Harper teaching people who do speak English something that he’s never learned to do—read and write. Mustering up the courage, he asks Harper to help him, and it’s not long before they fall for one another.

When an accident happens with a young apprentice on the trail, Brooks questions everything he’s ever done, taking the blame for the pain now etched in so many lives. Can Harper convince him it wasn’t his fault? And if she can’t, how will he manage to stay on the wagon train until they reach Oregon?