Her Wagon Train Pinkerton

She’s looking for the man who killed her father.

Charlotte McLaren has been looking for the man who killed her father for the last two years. Having no luck on her own, she hired a detective to help her search. When this detective discovers clues that the man in question has fled to Oregon, Charlotte and her uncle, Ned, hitch a ride with the next wagon train, hoping to catch up to the guy either on the way or in Oregon.

He’s looking to make a name for himself.

Nicholas Kelly was just hired as a new Pinkerton in the Oregon Territory. When word comes that a man wanted for murder has been spotted around Fort Boise, Nicholas heads out to see if he can catch him before anyone else does. Although he wants to remain alone and secluded, he joins a wagon train headed west, thinking they could be a target for a wanted man to hide in plain sight. His plan is working until he finds out one of the young ladies is looking for the same man he is.

And she is intending to do away with the man first.

Will Charlotte find the man who killed her father? Or will Nicholas and his must-prove-himself behavior get in the way of everything she’s worked for and let the man who killed her father slip through her fingers?