Her Wagon Train Pinkerton

Charlotte McLaren is on a mission to find the murderer of her father. Despite her attempts to track down the culprit, she has come up empty-handed. Determined to find answers, she enlists the help of a detective. Their investigation leads them to believe the killer has fled to Oregon, leading Charlotte and her uncle Ned to join a wagon train heading west in pursuit.

Nicolas Kelly has just taken on a new role as a Pinkerton detective in the Oregon Territory. When news reaches him that a wanted murderer has been spotted near Fort Boise, he sets out to capture the culprit before anyone else can. He joins a wagon train headed west, believing it to be a possible hiding place for the man. But little does he know that one of the passengers, Charlotte, is also on the hunt for the same murderer.

Will Charlotte find the man who killed her father? Or will Nicolas get in the way of everything she’s worked for and let the man who killed her father slip through her fingers?