Her Wagon Train Soldier

Once betrothed to one of New York’s most desirable bachelors, Emma Ford never imagined that she would be cast out of high society. However, her father’s financial downfall leads not only to the loss of their wealth but also the loss of her fiancé’s love. With her brother, she sets out for Montana, seeking a fresh start after being devastated and shamed.

James Garrison never desired a posting at a remote fort, but that’s exactly where he ends up. Disenchanted and apathetic, he receives orders from his commander to accompany a wagon train on their treacherous journey across the plains, providing protection along the way.

When bandits attack the wagon train, James and Emma are caught up in a dangerous conflict. Can James defend the travelers and their possessions? Or will the bandits succeed in stealing their horses, cattle, and even the fair-haired Emma who has captured James’s heart?