Just “Write” For Me

Just “Write” For Me

The Seven Holiday Series

Rachel Gardner has just moved to the tiny town named Brook Haven to open her own bookstore. An aspiring writer herself, she enjoys getting lost in the written pages of authors’ minds. She dreams in fantasy and paranormal, straps on her petticoats in historicals, falls in love in romance, and solves murders in mystery. Books are her world, and now they are her business. Now, if she can only get the business off the ground, that would be great. Her friend Nicole has several ideas to get the business rolling. One of them is to see if a big-name author would come do a reading or a signing—something Rachel doesn’t know if she can pull off.

Christopher Hayes wasn’t prepared for his fantasy series to explode. Now the first-time author is facing screaming fans, publisher deadlines, and an agent who has mapped out the next ten years of his writing life—with little consideration to what Christopher wants. After a heated argument while on his book tour, Christopher escapes to a tiny town, where he finds himself emersed in a bookstore where the owner doesn’t know who he is.

Will Rachel discover him for the author he is? And if so, will his fame help Rachel get her budding business to spread its wings and fly?


Wild About You

Wild About You

The Seven Holiday Series

War is brewing in the town of Brook Haven, and flower shop owner Nicole Jones is in the middle of it.

When the owner of the warehouse who supplies flowers for her store raises prices, Nicole doesn’t hesitate to confront the tyrant. Too bad his ego is as high as his prices and he doesn’t care who he has to take down to get his money. To not only save her business, but to stand up for her customers, she becomes a crusader for flower shop owners all over Maine. She is determined to not only keep her business doors open, but also to shut down the greedy Derek Moore.

If there is one thing Derek Moore knows, it’s the flower business. His family’s warehouse has been supplying flowers to half of Maine for more years than he can count. Unfortunately, business has changed. Prices are high and after a few poor financial decisions leaves his accountant seeing red instead of black, he needs to make a choice. And one no one likes to make. All his vendors seemed to understand, except for one owned by a woman in a tiny town called Brook Haven. She’s waged war on him and now he’s losing business left and right, leaving him no other choice but to fight back.

Who will win in the battle of flower prices? And what will both of them do when they fall for each other?


Love and the Pear Pie Wars

Love and the Pear Pie Wars

“All is fair in love and . . . the pear pie wars.”

Tori Bevan must have heard her grandmother say that phrase more times than she could count growing up on Bevan Pear Farms. Every year Grandma Bevan went for the coveted Clarksville Pear Festival Best Pear Pie award. And every year she’d lose to George Holden—the owner of Holden Acres, another pear farm and her enemy for over seventy years. Tori believes this year she has the blue ribbon in the bag. Only one problem stands in her way . . . Dane Holden, George’s grandson, waltzing back in town, much to Tori’s disliking.

Dane Holden never had an interest in his grandparent’s pear farm. A couple of poor business deals leave the young entrepreneur jobless and homeless, however, and when his grandpa asks him to come home for the festival, Dane can’t say no.

Just when the sparks between Tori and Dane can’t seem to settle, Dane’s past comes back to haunt him, throwing a curve ball in Tori’s plans for the festival and contest. Will the Holden’s claim another coveted blue ribbon, or will a new champion reign over this year’s festival?


Maggie’s Mix-Up

Cullen McCray has no desire for marriage and love after the death of his first wife. A self-proclaimed recluse, he only wishes to spend his life in his cabin in the mountains, far away from his family’s ranch and his brother. But when Clint dies in an accident, he leaves behind a young daughter and it’s up to Cullen must pick up the pieces to help the girl. Question is can he also pick up the pieces for the woman, who he knows nothing about, coming to marry his dead brother?

When Maggie Colton steps off the stagecoach in the small town of Lone Hollow, she’s unaware of her intended husband-to-be’s accident. She also doesn’t know about his brother or the condition of the cattle ranch she believed was something other than what it is. Clint hadn’t exactly been honest about everything, leaving Maggie to rough it in an older ranch house, an even older guest house, and barn that has seen better days. Not to mention hundreds of cattle, dozens of chickens, pigs, horses, and what she is sure is fattest cat she’s ever seen.

Will Cullen send her back before her bags are unpacked? And if she stays, will Maggie be able to not only win his heart, but survive this new life she’s found herself in?


A Christmas Wreath for Whitney

A Christmas Wreath for Whitney

Whitney Smith always knew her aunt and uncle didn’t love her. It’s no surprise when she learns they sold her to Sheldon Walker to pay off their gambling debts. Adventure tells her to answer an ad from a sheriff in Montana looking for a wife in time for Christmas. Desperation tells her to steal the mans’ address and flee on the next train, not caring that he’s not exactly expecting her.

Sheriff Clark Holden doesn’t wish to spend another holiday alone. Although no one has responded to his ad just yet, he’s hopeful someone will soon. What he doesn’t expect is for one of those ladies to show up, knocking on his door. Instinct says she’s on the run, and he can’t help but want her to stay.

Along with her new life starting in Montana, Whitney distracts herself with their wedding and preparing for their first Christmas together. She’s forgotten all about the deal her family made. When a storm rolls in, trapping Whitney and Clark in his mountain cabin, she believes it’s a blessing. Snow and ice are no match for Sheldon Walker, however, who has come looking for her. And has found her.

Can Clark protect Whitney from the man threatening to take Whitney away or will Sheldon take back the woman he paid for?

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